Sustainable Supply chain solutions

Surp Stream Limited, registered on March 2011, is a Consultancy Partner in Business Management, Sustainable Procurement and supply chain solutions to all Organizations, through focusing on creating exceptional Sustainable Supply Chain CONSULTING SOLUTIONS.

Our Services

Procurement Design.

Procurement cycle
  • Strategic and Operational
  • Supply Cycle Prototypes
  • Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Project Cycles

Capacity Training.

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  • Knowledge Management
  • International and National Regulatory Frameworks
  • Supply Chain Leadership


  • Market Research
  • Supplier and Internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Stakeholder Analysis

About Us

Surp Streams Limited is a Management Consultancy firm providing a range of management services including Technical Support, Research, Advisory Services, Training and Capacity Building.

The firm is founded by seasoned experts who embrace pro-active thinking in all ventures centering on sustainable goal-oriented relationships and results. 

Our Partners & Regulators

Why Choose Us?

We Offer quality trainings in the Private, Public and Non- Governmental sectors, Procurement & Supply Chain Management and Communication Skills; Innovating approaches and controls that fit each entity’s peculiar Supply Chains environments;

In our growing world, the supply chain complexities have been increasing and becoming more difficult to manage. A point is reached where it becomes increasingly difficult to make the right supply chain decisions due to the  inflexibility of the supply chain model —  a point where the model no longer reflects the current realities of the market or the supply chain, itself.  Let us help you keep abreast with the changes and demands while achieving sustainability.

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